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Start Date October 1998
End Date April 2000 (19 month project)


As the Project Planner;

I worked for WMC as the Clients Planner on the Queensland Fertiliser Project (QFP) providing analysis of the Main Contractors Performance (Bechtel) and reporting to Management.

I was required to work closely with the Project Managers on this Joint venture project between WMCF, SAP and Honeywell to develop an Information Integrity system throughout WMC Australia.

I worked closely with all members of the project, from the Project Manager right through to the end users on site. The schedule built in MS Project 98 covered more than 100 individuals, each receiving weekly updates (some in Project, others in Excel) and task sheets, reporting to Management on a monthly basis or as required. Earned Value Analysis was used to determine progress claims and contractor performance. The schedule was used to identify and trap areas of concern early and resulted in timely action and resolution of problems throughout the project.

As the Y2K  Co-ordinator;

My part time role, during my time in Brisbane, was to ensure that the Year 2000 program adopted by WMC Brisbane Office was followed through to its completion. This was a 5 phase program which involved;

  • Business process identification
  • Criticality rating + risk assessment
  • Remediation and contingency planning
  • and compliance management.
With the immovable milestone, 1st of January 2000, this was a difficult project to ensure employees took responsibility, and it involved a program of education and training. We had an excellent result with the major plants running at full capacity over the date without incident.

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